Value, camaraderie and fun! Study Groups promote ongoing social work education, collaboration, peer leadership and the exploration of a wide range of clinical interests.

A Study Group can be a valuable resource for Society members, since no fee is charged for participation and members themselves can establish the size, time, place, frequency, content and learning objectives of the group. Groups are usually led by peers, though they may be leader-led. Group discussion may utilize resources such as books, articles, films, case examples, or even call upon relevant outside expertise. Each Study Group should select a coordinator to record attendance and document educational content for each session.

For MSCSW members only and are free.

Watch the MSCSW Calendar for updates on scheduled events.



Study Groups seeking CEUs must record the following:

  • The learning objectives of the Study Group.
  • Educational content of the Study Group including a bibliography.
  • A list of participants and a list of their attendance at each meeting.

How to Start a Study Group

  • Identify a subject you would like to study that contains social work content.
  • Find two, three, four or more members to meet with you.
  • Identify a place and time to meet.
  • Obtain the study group paperwork from Membership Services Member and Newsletter Coordinator, or 612-372-2618.
  • Meet and brainstorm your goals, readings, etc.
  • Identify a coordinator to record meetings.
  • At various intervals, send a record of meeting times to the MSCSW President to ensure recording of meetings for CEUs.

Current Study Groups

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Study Group