The society offers supervision groups for MSCSW members who are preparing for the LGSW exam. These groups are provided by experienced Society members at a fee based on the member’s income.

MSCSW provides financial need based supervision groups to LGSW supervisees in order to ease the financial burden of obtaining LICSW licensure. MSCSW groups will have up to 6 members as stipulated by the Board of Social Work regulations. Fees range from $10 to 40 dollars per group. The sliding fee is based on certain variables such as school loans, family income, current salary, dependents, etc. An honor system will be employed as members will determine the fee that is affordable for them.

Attendance is not limited to those who need a sliding fee. All members, regardless of need are welcome. One must maintain membership in the society in order to participate in these groups.

The Minnesota Board of Social Work states that:

“An LGSW who is engaged in clinical social work practice must be supervised on an ongoing bases, at the rate of a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 8 hours of supervision for every 160 hours of practice, not to exceed 8,000 hours of practice. At least 200 hours of clinical supervision must be obtained over a minimum of 4,000 hours of clinical practice to be eligible to apply for the LICSW license. In order to practice clinical social work for more that 8,000 hours, an LGSW must obtain an LICSW license”.

For information, contact Membership Chair, Bev Caruso at