For All Youth: Creating Opportunities for Immigrants and Refugees in Youth Soccer
DeYoung, K. & Moen, J. (2010). St. Paul Foundation, St. Paul, MN.

repairDevelopmental Repair: A Training Manual
Online PDF Document
Author: Anne Gearity
This describes an intensive treatment model for working with young children who have experienced complex trauma and present with aggressive and disruptive symptoms. The model has been developed with the collaboration of staff at Washburn Center for Children, and with the financial support of the Bush Foundation. It is available for duplication and use in the community.

hartman“Tell ‘em Charlie Sent Ya”, Nine stories of healing and death (2011)
Author: Brenda Hartman
Before he died, Charlie asked to have his story shared. Many who have heard Charlie’s story and those of the other eight people included in this book, requested that this book be written for their loved ones to help them understand the healing process of dying. The stories in this book illustrate how the experience of dying can be one of healing. Support, understanding, and love emerge as forces that guide an individual through the dying process.

Life is a journey with its twist and turns and times of darkness and light. Concurrent with these ups and downs are major transitions that highlight our life’s journey. This book is about one of those transitions—it provides us a unique way of looking at preparing for the end of this earthly life.
Judi Johnson PhD RN FAAN
HealthQuest Consulting and Author of I Can Cope Cancer Patient Education Course

A small book of stories about people’s approaches to living and dying that may produce comfort, inspire awe, and provide hope…
“How do we educate professionals and help friends and families understand dying when we do not understand the process ourselves. This book gives us a glimpse of what might lie ahead. The peace that comes with knowing loved ones will find relief, freedom from pain, and even joy shines in these reflections.”
Jean K. Quam, Ph.D., L.I.C.S.W., Dean, College of Education and Human Development, and Professor, School of Social Work

“From the first page to the last, I was enveloped with a richness and fullness that kept tears in my eyes and loving tenderness in my heart. Wow, I hope that this book will be required reading for every single hospitalized patient and their family.”
Bill Manahan, MD
Past President, American Holistic Medical Association
Author of Eat for Health: Fast and Simple Ways of Eliminating Diseases Without Medical Assistance

hartman2“The Golden Thread”, Based on a True Story of death, grief and healing (2014)
Author: Brenda Hartman
Based on a true story, The Golden Thread, is a book to help parents guide their grieving children through the death of a loved one and begin the healing process.

Children are often confused by their own and others’ feelings as the emotions come and go, especially in the time of grief. This story provides a guide for the healing journey of grief for children of all ages. The Golden Thread was written to help children identify their feelings and experiences related to their grief. The story provides an honest, open approach to death. It allows children to begin their developmental understanding of the process of life and death. The completed book includes a brief introduction and, at the end of the book, a developmental parent guide about grief. Purchase:

“This beautifully illustrated book can point the way for families by giving them a story to share that is both real and compassionate. It does not sugar coat the pain of death but acknowledges it and provides a beautiful example of how children can begin to find solace by learning to hold their parent’s love in their heart. I will definitely be recommending it.”
Missy Lundquist, PhD, MSW
Co-Director: Angel Foundation’s Facing Cancer Together Program

“The Golden Thread offers a practical, helpful, warm perspective to grieving and allows for educational conversations between children and the reader. The beauty of The Golden Thread is that it offers education and understanding for children walking through the painful and confusing journey of grief.”
Sarah Anderson
CEO, Psych Recovery, Inc.

“Brenda Hartman, LICSW’s beautiful and heartfelt book about death, loss and coping for school age children after the loss of a parent provides solace and light during dark times.”

Harriet Kohen, LICSW, CPT.
Past President of the Minnesota Society of Clinical Social Work

Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence
Hunter, C., Moen, J. & Raskin, M. (Eds). (2015). Purchase:


kaiserSupervisory Relationships: Exploring the Human Element
Author: Tamara Kaiser
This book teaches supervisors and supervisees to anticipate the workplace issues they may face and provides them with valuable insights about what really goes on in the clinical supervisory relationship. The multitude of diverse, real-life vignettes gathered at random by the author from supervisors and supervisees in a variety of settings lend a powerful dynamic to this practical book and provide a departure point for discussion or even debate about sensitive issues. Purchase:

kaiser2A User’s Guide to Therapy: What to Expect and How You Can Benefit
Author: Tamara Kaiser
A guidebook to understanding and getting the most out of therapy. This book is intended for clients who want to know how to get the most out of a therapeutic relationship. Tamara Kaiser explains what therapy is (and isn’t), how therapy works (what makes change happen), and elaborates on therapist-client dynamics, including such issues as power, boundaries, trust, and termination. Purchase:


If I’d read this book prior to training, my development as a therapist would have been greatly enhanced, having seen the process from the client’s point of view. (Gail Nagel LISW-CP, DPNAP – Newsletter for the Clinical Social Work Association)

Kaiser provides a wealth of easy-to-understand therapeutic information…provides clear direction for the client. (Doug Greenlee – AAMFT MN Newsletter)

[A] reassuring and informative therapy guidebook…comprehensive, contemporary and readable…. I highly recommend it to therapists and patients alike. (Betsy Horton, LICSW – MN Society of Clinical Social Work)

luepkerRecord Keeping in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Protecting Confidentiality and the Professional Relationship
Author: Ellen Luepker
Confidentiality is the undisputed cornerstone of the therapeutic process. With the recent surge in insurance regulations and complex litigation, this essential aspect of therapy is at risk. Based on hundreds of interviews with therapists about their concerns, this book provides a framework and guide for addressing issues of confidentiality. This text meets the increasing obligation practitioners have to protect their patients while protecting their practices. It is a practical and authoritative source that no psychotherapist or clinical supervisor should be without. Purchase:

“…Practicing therapists will find [this] detailed guide to be one of the most useful books they read all year.” — Thomas T. Frantz, Ph.D., Professor of Counseling Psychology, University at Buffalo

“…a lively, reader-friendly compendium of essential knowledge for every clinician” — Judith Wallerstein, Ph.D., author, The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

“…assists therapists in meeting regulations for record keeping while at the same time assuring ways to protect the client” — Florence Lieberman, DSW, Professor Emerita, Hunter College School of Social Work

“With HIPAA implementation just around the corner, this should be on the ‘must read’ list of every practitioner!” — Hubert H. Humphrey III, J.D., former Minnesota Attorney General

Facilitating Student Learning between Classroom and Field
Moen, J., Liley, D. & Dennis, S. (2015). In C. Hunter, J. Moen, & M. Raskin (Eds). Social Work Field Directors: Foundations for Excellence. Chicago: Lyceum. (pp.130-149).