As a member of the MSCSW you can:

  • Network with your professional colleagues. Membership meetings featuring clinically focused programs are held regularly from September through May.
  • Attend educational events for free or for a discounted rate. Join a study group. Join a supervision group for LICSW licensure. Sublet office space.
  • Represent your professional interests to the state legislature, to the media, to the mental health field, to the Social Work Licensing Board, and to your community.
  • Receive legislative updates. Keep current on the changing healthcare reform actions. Minnesota is making major changes that will affect your practice. Learn how you can make a difference for your profession.
  • Receive our Newsletter. Keep on top of issues that matter to your practice with articles and opinions from our national leaders. Read book reviews and new member profiles. A free ad is available with your membership.

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Contact Information for Membership Services

  • Advice on legal issues: Ellen Luepker, 651-999-0116 or
  • Communication with members via our Google Group about referrals and opportunities for clients: Bev Caruso, 612-374-2618 or
  • Create or join a free study group: Bev Caruso, 612-374-2618 or
  • Low Fee Supervision for LICSW licensure: Bev Caruso, 612-374-2618 or
  • Quarterly paper newsletter and monthly online updates: Bev Caruso, 612-374-2618 or

Contact Membership Services, Bev Caruso, for further information.
For Google group questions to please contact: Julie Stender

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Annual Dues

General Membership LICSW $120
Associate Membership LISW, LGSW $60
Friends of the Society and Other mental health professionals $120
Student Membership $35
Emeritus, Retired from Practice No Dues
Clinical Social Work Journal Electronic